Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Japanese brand CEZANNE cosmetics making a preview in Singapore

Good news to all CEZANNE fans!!! CEZANNE cosmetics is now available in Singapore from Guardian.

CEZANNE cosmetics is a brand with 40 years of history and were born out of our desire to offer Japanese women high-quality, affordable cosmetics.

Answering women who want to be more beautiful with daily cosmetics that can help them achieve it. Safe, simple ones that they can have on hand and use every day.
That’s the policy CEZANNE has followed from the start.

Skin-friendly, UV absorber-free ingredients for UV protective products, and fragrance-free materials for lipsticks that won’t hinder eating. Because cosmetics are used every day, we produce handy ones, but at the same time we carefully consider their impact on the skin.

“I’ve been a CEZANNE fan so far, and I will be in the future, too.“In order to encourage as many women as possible to think so,we will continue our efforts to provide products that are attractive to consumers.

Check out Cezanne official website.

[Photo & data credit: http://www.cezanne.co.jp]

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